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Travel Sicily Trade Missions

We will soon be on our way to the jewel of the Mediterranean—Sicily! You won’t believe what you are going to see: Ancient ruins and modern marvels. Intricate mosaics from the 1100s, noble family estates from the 1300s, salt pans and vineyards, olive groves and coffee roasters. Along the way you’ll meet the most influential business professionals in Sicily to share knowledge and build commercial and cultural relationships. The purpose of these trade missions is to educate professionals and business people on international issues and culture, as well as to provide economic development opportunities. This journey to Sicily will be an engaging knowledge exchange, whose core function is to share information regarding: Rural Economic Development; Services offered by the private and public sectors; Agricultural business exchanges; Manufacturing techniques and innovations; Education and the hospitality industry; and Urban planning and transportation. As we make our way through the charming villages along the sparkling Mediterranean coast that welcome you with their sights and sounds and tastes, sit back, relax, and enjoy this beautiful, complicated and fascinating island. It’s yours to discover.


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